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Q. Who is this site aimed at?
A. This site is aimed, like most download sites, at people downloading software. However, we believe that if authors are encouraged and can help each other, this will lead to better software.

Q. Can I drop a line to you, or can I call you?
A. Contact us. We reply every email within 24 hours.

Q. Why don't you show the amount of views each program gets?
A. This count is unreliable, it only shows that a page has been opend, not view.

Q. What's shareware?
A. Shareware is a method of software distribution and marketing, and not a type of program. In fact, try-before-you-buy software has been discovered by traditional "shelfware" companies, and now, nearly every large software company provides some type of free trial version of their software. Some of those trial versions are shareware, and some aren't. It's more than a free trial; it's a free trial that you can share with your friends. When you find a product that does what you need, you'll buy the full version.

Q. I am a software author, I want to know how can I submit my products?
A. Register as a developer here. Then go to Add Program section in your control panel and submit a PAD file(*.XML) or fill in all required field and then click "Submit" button.

Q. What is PAD file?
A. PAD file is small XML file invented by Association of Shareware Professionals. It contains software description

Q. What gets updated when?
A. When an author added a program to the site, we process this request. Category or sub category pages are updated at this point. Also the front index page is updated and the new programs is added to the new program section.

Q. How long time will it take our product list on your site after submission?
A. Immediately.

Q. How can I remove my product from the list?
A. If you need to remove your product from the list, please login and remove the products.

Q. What's the privacy policy?
A. Please click here to view this page to read the details.

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