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The Portfolio Performance Monitoring model enables the ongoing monitoring and periodic valuation of a portfolio of financial investments. Amount and timing of investment and divestment transactions are taken into account in performance calculations.
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Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator gives you a fast, simultaneous analysis of 14 different cash flow series! It automatically displays cash flow analysis results for 5 different discount rates for each of the 14 cash flow series.
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Decision trees are a proven technique for better founded decisions. Occam's Tree will make them widely used as an easy practice to optimize investments and other decisions. You may use the Trial version for free as long as you wish.
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TrendMedium is an advanced genetic-analysis program for traders and investors which allows you to: Identify turning points in stock movements, Surfing Your Positions With Unique Wave Stops.
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TrendMedium is a trading system for stocks and Forex which works as an add-on for Equis MetaStock. The system is based on revolutionary genetic algorithm to create "open ephemeral models" that describes the current stock movements and performances.
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3-in-1: COM, .NET and XML Web service Interest derivatives pricing framework: set contract, set vol/price/interest models and run MC. We also cover: Treasury's, Price/Yield, Zero Curve, Fixed-Interest bonds, Forward rates/FRAs, Duration and Convexity
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Technical Analysis Software for Windows, Linux and Mac
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Email verification software is the best way to verify the mail IDs of your potential clients who you are going to do your business with.
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Download Flash Media Data Recovery software from website to restore logically corrupted video clips, mp3 songs and still photographs from pen drives.
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Want to get text messaging software? Visit website to download Android Phone SMS Gateways Mac program which is used to improve business marketing by delivering unlimited messages to targeted customers.
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